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Here at Homemaide, we help business owners bridge the person with the product. We help individuals buy what they see and fall in love with on social media.

Each individual person is unique, has different needs, and each product they want needs to be presented in an unique way that speaks to that individual person.

That's why we LOVE to help people use Homemaide’s computer vision, machine vision, machine learning, and other services to radically improve their business models. 

To learn how computer vision can help you make money from what you post on social media, and to learn how we can help you sell more online, call or text us at 303-478-9600 or send us a note at hello@homemaide.com today!

Here's a few of the companies we've helped in the past:

Healthcare Use Cases & Clients: Fresenius Medical Manufacturing, USANA Health Sciences, McLean Hospital in Belmont, MA, and the Harvard Stem Cell Institute

Energy and Healthcare Product Use Cases: Westinghouse Nuclear - Western Zirconium, US Magnesium / MagCorp, Mineral Resources Int’l, SunCorp, Renco Group, Sun Detergents / Huish Detergents, Cargill, Horizon Mills, Universal Oil Products, Honeywell, Grace Membranes and Just Emissions

Finance and Investment Use Cases: Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch, Wellington, Fidelity, Prudential Real Estate (acquired by Berkshire Hathaway), mortgage brokers, mortgage services, real estate construction firms, architects, appraisers, inspectors, title and escrow firms 

Research and Academic Use CasesWe loved working with Clay Christensen at Harvard Business School, and others at the University of Utah, WSU, USU, BYU, the University of Colorado, and Harvard University

People and Human Capital Use Cases: Robert Half, SOS Technical, Lab Support, and Kelly Technical Services 

Let computer vision take your business and profile to the next level!

HOMEMAIDE lets you buy the stuff you LOVE at the moment you see it on Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Disney+, and on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and SnapChat.

HOMEMAIDE also lets you sell your style by letting your friends buy the items they love in the pictures and videos you post!

To earn more money from your social media posts or to learn how to increase your eCommerce store sales, call or text us at 303-478-9600 or send us a note at Hello@homemaide.com today.

Pause - Point - Purchase - with a Purpose

The Team:

Jeremy, Founder (Harvard, Wellington)  

Sharon, Founder (WSU, Procurement & Acquisition)


John, Chief Engineering Officer (CO School of Mines, Westinghouse)

Patrick, Chief Revenue Officer & CFO

Celezt, Chief People Person

Fitzpatrick, Chief Partnership & Affiliate Marketing Officer 

Julius, Chief Strategy Officer 

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