Do you ever feel like your being saturated with data or ads?

Conservative (very) estimates put the number of ads the average person sees each day at somewhere between 300 and 700.[1] Even with your personalized social media sites’ suggesting products you’re interests suggest you might like,

Add to this saturation the claim that humans now have an attention span shorter than goldfish,[2] and you’ll understand why taking a pause is important to us at Homemaide. We want you to be able to live a long and healthy live. So take a deep breath, pause, reflect.

When using Homemaide, all you have to do is PAUSE. Pause from scrolling down on your social media, pause Netflix, pause Youtube — look at the item that really caught your attention — the high heels that sparkled at the Emmy Awards, the dress that shimmered more than silk — the outfit your favorite character was wearing when she was proposed to in your favorite romcom (romantic comedy).

After pausing, take a screenshot and upload that to Homemaide. We’ll do the rest.


After you upload your screenshot, just point or pinch the part of the screenshot or picture that has the item that really caught your attention, that one thing that truly stood out to you. Homemaide will then process that item and give you the option of purchasing it.


It’s been a tough couple of months for MasterCard and VISA. For example, Costco broke up with MasterCard,[3] “Russian Businesses (Said) Visa, Mastercard Abuse Market Power,”[4] Kroger has expanded its ban on accepting Visa credit cards,[5] “in a federal court in New York, Visa and Mastercard, along with bank defendants, have agreed to provide roughly $6.24 billion in settlement funds.”[6]

That’s why at Homemade, we remain firm in our commitment to using Ripple and XRP. When you buy a purse or some jeans or a dress that your friend posted on social media, your friend earns a portion of that purchase, like a commission. When your friends hear about Homemaide and buy the same beautiful pair of shoes, or that summer hat, or the shirt you have from your favorite musical group, you earn a piece of that purchase.

There is no minimum on withdrawal limits — you don’t need to earn $1,000 before you can withdraw your earnings. Unlike YouTube, you don’t need hundreds of millions of views after uploading thousands of videos to earn a living. All you need to do is let your friends know that Homemaide lets you and them monetize the media you’re already posting in your social media.

Purchase with a PURPOSE

What’s cooler than starting a crowd-funding campaign?

Reaching your fund-raising goal.

“As of January 2, 2019, the success rate of fully funding a project on the crowdfunding website was 36.63 percent. Overall, over 3.9 billion U.S. dollars have gone into successfully launched projects.”[7]

Combining a failure rate that high with the standard fees and charges each and every campaign pays for, one starts to understand that crowdfunding isn’t about luck. Fundly made these available on their blog.[8]

Amazon Smile lets you donate 0.5% to a restricted, and Amazon-approved group of registered 501c3 charities.

When friends or family are having a hard time, facing unemployment, or other obstacles and challenges in life, how many times have you offered them money only to hear them say, “No, thanks. I’m fine?”

Homemaide lets you donate to anyone such as your friend who posted the picture that has the blouse you love. If you pause Netflix and buy part of the outfit Bella from Twilight or Katniss from The Hunger Games is wearing, you can donate to any charity or person or email you’d like to. You can also determine the amount that is donated. If you feel 0.5% of a $80 purchase is not enough, you can donate more without buying more.

Au revoir, mon amis









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