Of Stew and an Interview


Jan 9 · 4 min read
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Q: Thanks for meeting with me! What prompted your recent buyer’s journey, to make the perfect stew?

A: So, the best stew I ever had was made by my Dad when he took us camping in the Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. He had a Dutch Oven and put carrots, tomatoes, potatoes, celery, onion powder, garlic powder, a LOT of pepper, salt, hamburger or ground beef or maybe pot roast in it. Maybe it was because we were camping and hiking and kind of cold but that stew was the best I’ve ever had!

Q: Sounds delicious! Were you able to make stew that was just as good?

A: Well, not really. My husband and kids don’t really like potatoes that much or celery or carrots or anything that’s remotely healthy or good for them…just kidding. I do make it. A couple times a year I get a craving but I like to make it with real onions, real garlic, pot roast, celery, carrots, potatoes —

Q: Tomatoes?

A: Sometimes. Not every time. Sometimes Leeks. Sometimes Shallot onions. I put ketchup, and yes, there are better ketchup than the kinds I use, on my stew but not salsa.

Q: I wonder why. What happened?

A: Thyme, Parsnips, Parsley, Bay — herbs I had in Argentina, a lot. I’m not a huge fan of Bay though.

Q: That sounds delicious. I’d like to try some.

A: Happy to make some for you.

Q: That sounds great…but I don’t understand how stew lead ou to an interview.

A: Well, I was visiting with the other teachers at like a group interview of education-major graduates — the principal’s son was serving a mission when I was, in the same area. I was chatting with ht other teachers and we got along really well. They were looking for a good team spirit. The other thing was — I didn’t know that the class I was being interviewed for had a lot of challenging boys. In the interview, I talked about my experience at the Boys and Girls Club with very challenging boys and how they ended up being my right hand helpers and just totally different kids after working with me. And that was really what she (the principal) was looking for. They also had a teacher coach, a teacher mentor, and 23 students.

Q: That’s amazing — how you were talking about your experience with the students that they needed more help with

A: Yeah. They interviewed like ten people and I got the job. It was mid-year, like mid-academic year and I had a job set up but this one was better, so I took it. I knew I wasn't’ going to get any support. They had a lot of rules about crafts — they locked up their craft supplies closet and you had to get special permission which rarely happened and they had this scripted reading program and you couldn’t go off script regardless of what your class of 30 kids needed. Ogden had 30 kids and no teacher coach.

Q: Great! Thanks again for meeting with me. Did you teach the kids how to make stew?

A: Ha! Not really. I just came to realize that all types of ingredients — in stews and in classrooms of young students — one size does not fit all. Context matters. Recipes can make or brake a stew and a classroom. ANd at the sme time, if you’re not camping in the Rocky Mountains, eating a hot Dutch oven stew might not taste as good. Like if you’re on a warm beach, you might not want stew, ya know?


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