Of Science Museums and No See Ums

Of Science Museums and No See Ums

Dec 28, 2019 · 5 min read
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Q: Thanks for sharing your unique buyer’s journey with me. What started your purchase process?

A: So over Spring Break we were invited to a friend’s wedding reception in Richmond, VA so we took the kids and while we were there, we went to Maymont and to the science museum.

Q: Sounds good. What’s Maymont?

A: They have a petting zoo there and my kids loved it.

Q: I remember when my Dad would take me and my brothers to petting zoos like that when we were young.

A: Our kids love it. We’ve taken them to a lot of places like that.

Q: Okay. And how did that lead you to Groupon?

A: Well when you buy Science Museum memberships off of Groupon for two adults and four kids, those same memberships won’t be redeemable at the Baltimore, MD science museum, at least not at the same value. Baltimore’s museum will convert that into 2 adults and 2 kids because where the population is large enough, the science museum does not need to cater to it’s clients, or so the thinking goes. Richmond, VA has a smaller population than Baltimore MD.

Q: Looks like Richmond and Baltimore have populations of 220,892 vs. 619,796 respectively, according to BestPlaces.net. I’ll also put a note in the blog so other people know what to look for and what to avoid. *Please check this website before buying your own Science Museum memberships.

A: Yeah. Kind of sucks but what can you do?

Q: Do you think the Baltimore museum is correct in it’s confidence?

A: Maybe. It’s hard to say. I mean, they probably have a lot of data on the amount of revenue they need to make a profit and price their memberships accordingly.

Q: That’s true. It is hard to say. Consider that Greater DC’s (huge population) Newseum went bust after a few years — while the new Bible Museum which had a freemium and donation request for the first year but now charges, is doing great. Apparently when tourists come to visit Washington DC, they try and visit the free places (all the museums on the National Mall) and not pay $25 per person to attend a museum of prior journalism articles.

A: If I was a tourist, I’d probably do the same thing. DC is expensive to live in, expensive to visit, and saving on costs where you can always helps.

Q: Okay. Thanks! And how did this lead you to St. Michael’s?

A: When we were driving back home, north of Richmond, we took the scenic route where you drive over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel

A: It really is an incredible feat of engineering. We stopped in St. Michael’s to visit some friends but we didn’t expect to run into the No See ums (or in other words Ceratopogonidae).

A: When they bite, you can definitely tell. It’s not like when the horse flies bite your legs at Chincoteague or Assateague though — those HURT!

Q: Definitely! What did you do to treat the bites?

A: We went to CVS and bought several different kinds of creams, for the kids. First it was Hydrocortisone, then Calamine lotion, then Aloe Vera, then Benadryl, then Aspirin, Tylenol or Ibuprofen

*See this site for more on how to treat these bites.

Q: I’m sorry. That sounds like a painful experience.

A: Thank you. Overall we had a great trip — both to Richmond and to St. Michael’s. Just the last couple of days was pretty hard.

Q: Okay. Thanks for meeting with me. Here’s your free Amazon giftcard.

A: Great! Thanks.


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