Of Rental Cars and Ramen / Cup O’ Noodles

Of Rental Cars and Ramen / Cup O’ Noodles

Let’s chat a little bit about travelling in the summer.

Once upon a time, in a galaxy not too far away — my wife was searching kayak for good deals on rental cars so we might take our family, mother in law, and niece up to visit some friends in the beautiful area of Deep Creek Lake, in Garrett County, Maryland.

Kayak is great for finding the right flight that meets your needs.

Expedia is more efficient at finding the right car rental with the correct number of seats you need (8 in this case), or so I was told.

After returning our previous rental car which we had to get sice our main car’s alternator decided to retire. ()

So we arrived at the rental car agency and provided our reservation number. They proceed to bring to their front office a cargo van which had a total of 2 seats. My wife showed them the Expedia confirmation which stated 8 seats. Due to the busy Fourth of July holiday that was one-day away, the agency had no vehicles with 8 seats.

We offered to drive to a different office and obtain what we rented at those other locations. The kind manager told us there weer no other offices that had an 8 seater, so they called their manager and obtained approval to let us rent a 12-passenger van. Since we were patient and made them laugh with our jokes, they also offered us a discount, on top of the incorrectly discounted offer from Expedia.

Third party providers are great , truly— it’s just the idea that the average person who, like me, doesn’t always plan very far ahead, will read all the terms of what Groupon, for example, plus the terms of the actual service provider is too good to be true. Perhaps that’s why third party providers are so effective. They promote the appearance of dramatic savings — after you purchase the discounted coupon, you see the terms more clearly (the limits, restrictions, etc.).

You know what’s even better than discounts on rental cars and travel?

Top Ramen and Cup O’ Noodles!

Ignoring the salt, the taste, the warmth, the broth — it’s delcliious and hits the spot each time you need it to. Have you heard some people recieve graduation cakes of such delicious noodles?

I, for one, would LOVE a gift like that — even for my birthday or any other holiday not only on graduation dates.


HOMEMAIDE helps you sell your style and buy the things that make you smile, seamlessly.

Any item you pass while you’re travelling and take a picture of, any fun detour or side attraction you stop at while on a road trip, any delicious Top Ramen or Cup O’ Noodles — all you have to do is upload a picture or paused video screenshot of that to your existing social media sites and Homemaide will send you a commission for every purchase your friends make.

AND — they don’t have to buy a 12-passenger van for you to earn a commission. If they rented the cheapest economy car with the basic package, for one day only, you’d still earn a commission off that. If they bought the item that was in your picture, video, or voice-automated update (like a rental car, Airbnb lodging, hotel stay, Lyft, Uber, Via trip) — they can purchase that (even as a e-giftcard) and ship that to a family member, relative, or friend. And after that purchase, yes, you’ll still earn a commission from that purchase.

If they bought stock in Kayak.com, or Groupon or Noodles and Co. (makers of Ramen Noodles)(NASDAQ: KYAK, GRPN, NDLS) — YOU’d earn a commission off of that purchase. If they bought any item from the pictures you uploaded, you’d earn money. That’s the magic of Homemaide.

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