A funny thing happened on the way home from work yesterday —

I started thinking about what my friends could purchase from photos I might take — while riding one train for 15 minutes. Here’s a partial list of some of those items, the total number of products available for purchase online, and the availability of a “Top 10” or most recognized brands of the specific listed item:

(Please click on each pick for a complete list. Medium doesn’t play well with Excel or indented list formatting, so…here we are. :) )

Beautiful Rainbow Hair Dye

The first obstacle is narrowing down the items where Amazon has north of 10K or 20K options for you. That is the product count only for items with a four star rating.

Any way you slice it, that’s TOO much information.

It’s simply too many results.

Like a Google Search result.

“8,951,000 results in 0.4 seconds”

That’s nice, Google but you and I and Amazon know most people will click on one of the top three results, excluding the banner ad. But since you’re getting paid by a lot of the other result-providers (4th place on up to 8,951,000th), you show us that number.

Maybe it’s not as impressive as it once was?

Amazon, Google Shopping, E-bay, Etsy — only with your permission — will be aware of your location, at least by the zipcode. This will give them a good idea or probability of your area’s median income. So, let’s say the average income for your zipcode is $65,000/year. Those e-commerce stores would likely also know base don your zipcode the approximamte coldest and hottest times of the year, and the clothes (Coats, hats, gloves or shorts, hats, sunglasses) you’ll likely need and what time in the year you’ll most likely be purchasing them.

Even with those filters (area median income, and average climate conditions) there could still be hundreds of not thousands of results for the hair dye, belt, rings, manicure, pedicure, or suit jacket you saw on your commute and LOVED. How can we at Homemaide help facilitate in getting you what you want — how can we then help you monetize (sell) your style and buy the things that make you smile?

If we operated like other e-commerce sites we might suggest you re-order products you’ve ordered in the past BUT at Homemaide, we understand that if you wanted to reorder what you bought a year ago, there wouldn't really be a need to upload a pic of the item you’re interested in. In other words, even if the degree of difference is not very large (auburn hair dye vs. brown hair dye vs. dark blonde hair dye), it’s important to us at Homemaide, because it’s important to you!

So the picture you just saw is important. Buying art varies in price (cheap to very expensive) based on location and based on the artist and based on the buying environment (auction at Christie’s vs. e-bay vs. Etsy).

And, yes, there might not be a lot of people in my social network who are considering purchasing a franchise, Caterpillar construction equipment, or a hotel (next picture — the last picture of the chart), but if my friends have a friend or relative I’m not connected to who has been researching which fast food franchise to buy, wouldn't it be nice to get a commission from that person’s purchase? Simply by uploading a picture from your commute home?

Please, please.

Do accept my apologies for this article as it delves a bit into the data of how many people commute ( Number of US Commuters in 2019 (150M) multiplied by the percent that ride public transit (5%)); the average conversion rate of people who see items on their smart devices and purchase them (3%); and similar data.

The bottom line:

Every physical item in the world around you — everything you see can be photographed, then uploaded to Homemaide where your freinds can see your style and buy the things that make them smile.

When they do this, you’ll get a commission, which we hope will make you smile!

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