Of Ostrich Meat and Pitches You Can’t Beat


Dec 25, 2019 · 4 min read
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Q: Hi! Thanks for meeting with me! What event helped you start your most recent buyer’s journey?

A: So my wife and I went out to eat at Banana Leaves, Asian Cafe — a kind of hybrid, combined Chinese and Thai food restaurant. It was delicious! I ordered the dish that was kind of like Lo Mein noodles with ostrich meat.

Q: What?!

A: It was delicious. I called and asked them before we went there — where do you get your ostrich meat, like is it local or shipped in?

Q: This is crazy. What did they say?

A: They said it was from Idaho and it is shipped and stored in accordance with certified best practices and all the food laws and regulations.

Q: I’ve never tried that. How did it taste?

A: It was so good! It was one of those small restaurants where most of the square footage is taken up with the ovens and refrigerators and every time someone came in to pick up their take out dinners, a lot of cold air would breeze us but the food was definitely worth it!

Q: What did your wife order?

A: I think beef and broccoli. She loved it. Trip Advisor reviews and Google Reviews recommend it, mostly. It really is great food, not too expensive, you don’t have to sit in waiting lines for 45 minutes and there wasn’t a crazy amount of traffic, and it wasn’t far away from our home.

Q: If you could share to social media a picture of you two eating, do you think anyone would have bought the same dishes?

A: Probably. We have a lot of Chinese and Japanese friends and when you look at like calorie counts, buffalo and deer are more healthy than beef and sometimes more healthy than chicken. Ostrich is more healthy than some buffalo and dear AND more healthy than any fried fish.

Q: And what happened earlier that day — something about baseball pitches?

A: Oh! My oldest son was swinging a stick around and accidentally broke a window pane on our storage shed. It was doubled paned and all but when we called the glass guy, he told us his estimate was $400 — to replace one pane and it’s not a giant window, so we said no.

Q: That makes sense.

A: No — then my youngest son was playing catch in his bedroom and accidentally through another baseball a little too hard and that broke a window in his room. THAT window was larger than a lot of other windows, so we haven’t even asked for an estimate yet because we know it will be too high.

Q: Those are the pitches you can’t beat?

A: Exactly.

Q: Great! Thanks for sharing your journey with me!


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