Of Oreo’s and Oatmeal

Of Oreo’s and Oatmeal

Oct 9, 2019 · 8 min read
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Q: Thanks for meeting with me! So, tell me more about your experience with Oreo’s. I’ve never had Canadian Oreo cookies.

A: Other than containing small amounts of chocolate, they bear no similarities whatsoever to Oreo’s that are sold in the United States.

Q: I don’t understand. When I was looking online I saw like in the US, Oreo’s are made by Nabisco which moved out of the US a few years ago and in Canada, Oreo cookies are made by a company called Christie’s.

A: Yeah. The recipe is nowhere near the same.

Q: OK. Then I Read somewhere else that Oreo’s in Canada might taste more like chocolate or sweets you’d get in Europe — with more chocolate, and less sugar. Is that what you’ve experienced?

A: They don’t taste like real Oreo’s but they cost more.

Q: And that’s because the government there doesn’t want people to get obese, diabetic, get on govt-run health care. Like in Canada, they want you to be more healthy so they charge more for junk food and stuff like that?

A: I don’t know. I think maybe it just costs more due to shipping. After all, as the Arrogant Worms said, Canada is really big. The crazy thing is — the min Oreo’s in Canada taste just like the real Oreo’s in the US.


Q: Whoa. Time out, here. Time out. That’s absolutely usable information. Do you know if Nabisco or Christie’s makes the mini — Oreo’s in Canada?

A: I’m not sure.

Q: Maybe that’s because — I’ve heard that in the US, a lot of foods have more sugar than the same products in other countries. What do you think?

A: I don’t know.

Q: When you go to buy Oreo’s at your local grocery store — or trade in beaver pelts for food as I’ve heard some people do in Canada, is it — do you go to the self-checkout or to the checkout with a human cashier?

A: Depends on how many groceries I’m buying at the time. I don’t even buy Oreo’s here anymore.

Q: Whoa. You don’t even buy them anymore? You’re done. OK. Boundaries are good

A: And the weird things I, I don’t mind eating the yellow like Maple-flavored Oreo cookies here in Canada because I never ate them back in the US, before we moved up here.

Q: OK. What would your store have to offer: like Buy one, get one free Oreo’s?

A: No.

Q: OK. What if they said: Hey, we have Canadian Oreo’s 2 for $5 or get one bag of US Oreo’s for $5.

A: I’d pay double. No question.

Q: Why is there no app to help you buy US Oreo’s and have them delivered to Canada? What was it you told me about how Amazon separates purchases by location of purchase and location of delivery, like if it crosses international borders?

(Click here to Search for Items Eligible for International Shipping — Amazon)

A: You can buy some stuff in the US and have it shipped to Canada and other countries, but you can’t do that with all of Amazon’s inventory.

Q: Right. I did that with a Dungeons and Dragons book I bought for one of my nephews.

Dungeons & Dragons Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage (Adventure Book, D&D Roleplaying Game) Hardcover — November 20, 2018 by Wizards RPG Team (Author) — 4.2 out of 5 stars 106 ratings — — — — — $33.40 — 19 Used from $22.6254 New from $26.92

A: So when I log on to Amazon, due to the location of my device, Amazon directs me to Amazon.ca which is NOT Amazon.com, like they don’t have the same amount of inventory, they have less and they have different (meaning higher) shipping rates, taxes, etc.

Q: OK, and are there any expatriates or other friends of yours from the US who have found a work-around solution like getting US goods from friends at the local US Military Base or having a Post Office box in Alaska which automatically forwards received items to your Canadian address?

A: No. We mostly just talk about our frustrations with how eCommerce sites are set up.

Canadian Oreo — The Junk Food Aisle

Q: What about Cheerios? Do they taste different up there than in the US?

A: At first, like when we first moved up here, they tasted like cardboard, hey?

Q: Oh. Is it “hey” now, instead of “eh?”

A: The younger generation started saying “hey,” instead of “eh” which the older generation uses.

Q: OK, and what do you think of the oatmeal in Canada?

A: It tastes different, just like cottage cheese does, and just like the Oreo’s do.

Q: Why do they taste different?

A: They do! They taste like cardboard! Back in the US my family would eat the oatmeal that came with fruit in each package. When we first moved here, my family tasted the oatmeal and couldn’t finish it.

Q: I’ve heard Canada might use a different kind of sugar, like in the US high-fructose corn syrup is used — is it possible Canada uses a different kind?

A: Possible. I don’t know.

Q: Does the packaging also interrupt your buyer’s journey?

A: Not really. If the taste was the same as the US Oreo, that’s all I need.

Did Nabisco ruin America’s favorite cookie? — New York Post

Q: I read it’s not just the sweetness, like the cream inside the cookie wafers, the cookie part is different too. Is that what you’ve experienced?

A: Yes. They don’t taste like cookies, at all, let alone delicious Oreo cookies made by Nabisco in the US.

Q: OK. Since you’re hearing Prime Minster candidate debates, if one of them said: Hey, I want to lower our import or tariff on high fructose corn syrup, then we’d get more US Oreo’s, people would buy more, and we’d have more tax revenue to fund our social services. Would that help?

A: Not for me. They would want to use Christie’s instead of Nabisco and try and create more jobs here.

Q: OK. Let’s say Christie’s could still manufacture the cookies with ingredients the US uses, wouldn’t that lead to more sales and more tax revenue?

A: That sequence of events might result in that but I don’t think anyone running for the office of Prime Minister wants to support importing more ingredients, because that’s not a really pro-Canada position. I mean, I know Nabisco moved to Mexico, but that doesn’t mean I have to eat cookies that taste like cardboard.

Q: OK. Thanks. Maybe it’s Maple Sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup? What’s the Canadian word for sugar, like “ice” or “ice dustings?” Just kidding. If you’re local grocery store had US-made Oreo’s by Nabisco, would you pay TRIPLE the amount of Christie’s Oreo’s?

Regional Cookie Highlight: The Oreo — Graham’s Travel Blog

A: Yes. Without hesitation because Oreo’s in the US are my comfort food. It’s more than a cookie and more than just the ingredients

Q: Would you pay quadruple or 400% the price of Canadian’s Christie’s Oreo cookies for only one bag of US-made Nabisco Oreo cookies?

A: Yes. Would you like me to send you some Canadian Oreo’s so you can see what they taste like.

Q: Um, that’s OK. Maybe just one but no rush. I’m not too excited to try them based on what you told me. Why do you think there’s no one fulfilling your need in the market?

A: I don’t know

Q: Canadian and U.S. Oreo’s Compared — an excellent source and survey on responses to both US and Canadian Oreo’s. OK. Another question: Why did you say you don’t like the +50 different flavors of Oreo cookies in the US?

A: It’s nostalgia. When I was growing up and had a rough day or a really bad day, I’d go home and eat some Oreo’s by myself and relax, kind of like meditating while eating. Comfort food. That was my go to comfort food for like over a decade, so I’m not going to change that now, especially not for cardboard trash cookies

Q: The new flavors can’t — there’s no nostalgia there. There’s no nostalgic experience there.

A: Look, when we first moved up here it was difficult and challenging. When I went to buy groceries and then tried to eat them, the Oreo’s were the last straw. I was like, “I can’t even get Oreo’s here!!”

Q: Let’s say you were browsing your social media channels and one of your friends from Canada went on a summer vacation to he US and they were having Oreo’s with family and friends, then they took a picture, and uploaded it to social media — if you could touch the picture and get those US-made, Nabisco-manufactured, original flavor-only Oreo cookies, would you?

Why do the States have all the fun Oreos? — The Loop

A: So when I’m thinking about social media, I’m not usually thinking about shopping. You know what I mean? It’s not just: Hey, there’s something in this picture I want. It’s: OK. Let me check and go through my schedule to make sure I have enough time for this shopping trip, at this particular time on this specific day; Do I need to pick up anyone at work or school or drop them off anywhere else during the time I’d like to go shopping; let me mentally check my budget — how close are we to another payday? let me go through the grocery list; does the car need repairs or does it have enough gas? I’d like to simplify all that but I’m not aware of an app like Homemaide.


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