Of Minecraft, Mario and Actually Making Money

Minecraft: How to Use Character Creator


MineCraft is on several YouTube channels and there is a new MineCraft store  where players can buy awesome maps, mods (dragon armor, etc.) and other really neat stuff. If someone watches a review of a MineCraft video on Youtube  and sees something they want to buy, they upload a screenshot of what they want to Homemaide, buy it, and then send a commission to the person who made the video or to a charity of the buyer's choice.

15% of ALL YouTube Videos Relate to Gaming: Minecraft FTW

gaming videos are a big part of YouTube, YouTube is the second biggest streaming service for watching games, second only to twitch

What is Game Genie, and would it be an acceptable practice today ...

Mario is in many different games on several different consoles and there are also plenty of online emulators with the games as well. With Game Genie (awesome invention!) you can put specific codes to make games easier or harder like for example make infinite invincibility of infinite lives with low jump, high jump and mega jump. If someone posts a review of Game Genie or a Mario game, a viewer could upload a screenshot of it to Homemaide then purchase it, AND send a commission to the person who made the video or a charity of the buyer's choice.



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Mario & Yoshi Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island Yoshi's Story ...



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