Of Gage Codes and Rocky Roads

Of Gage Codes and Rocky Roads

Sep 18, 2019 · 4 min read
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So we’ve written about a few automotive problems and solutions here on Homemaide’s blog. If you like buying older cars as you don’t have high car insurance payments, car loan payments, high repair costs due to a lot of electronic parts in the car, etc. you might need to repair them more often than a new car. When you hear about some of the labor prices the auto-mechanics charge, you might be motivated to do some of the repairs yourself. If you decide to do this — which Homemaide neither endorses nor encourages in any way — you might want to purchase a Gage Code / Code Reader / Scan Tool (with or without BlueTooth connection). Even in cars from the early 1990’s, mechanics plug in a Gage code and it tells them what’s wrong with the car.

These Gage codes will work even for safety and emissions testing.

Picture this: You take your car into the mechanics for it’s annual safety and emission testing. Usually the state government where you live requires mechanics to charge the same amount for these types of tests. IMAGINE just once, being told that your car doesn’t have any problems, requires no fixes, requires no $60+ per labor hour, after the mechanic has time for you. Reliable and affordable mechanics usually and with good reason have a lot of clients and are very busy.

Now after you successfully repair something on your car and save yourself a few hundred dollars or a few thousand dollars, please do celebrate with some Rocky Road!

Not the Rocky Road to Dublin by the Dubliners but the ice cream!



And which one of us has never enjoyed such a delicious celebration party? If you’re looking for ideas to help you create such a aprty, wheter it’s for celebrating a DIY car repair or a birthday or a grade graduation, you should definitely check out Amanda Dumonchelle Photography's and IBT Girls’ PLAYFUL & RETRO KIDS’ ICE CREAM PARTY

Source of photo: http://www.inspiredbythis.com/grow/retro-kids-ice-cream-party/


HOMEMAIDE helps you sell your style and buy the things that make you smile, seamlessly.

Any item you pass in your daily routine (ice cream, cars, cars that need repairs, a friend's car you’d like to buy a used or older version of, a friend's car you’d like to help fix but aren’t sure what’s broken — jut take a picture and upload it to Homemaide; we’ll get you the diagnosis you need before Triple AAA or your friend or Uber or Lyft car shows up), any fun detour or side attraction you stop at while on a road trip (petting zoo, Susquehanna Soft Serve Ice Cream, museums and their never-ending gift shops) — ALL you have to do is upload a picture or paused video screenshot of that to your existing social media sites and Homemaide will send you a commission for every purchase your friends make.

AND — they don’t have to buy a luxury car for you to earn a commission (but if they do, YOU will earn a commission from Homemaide on those larger purchases(!!!). Think about that for a second:

$18.9 Million Bugatti “La Voiture Noire” Is the Most Expensive New Car Ever Sold. A carbon-fiber one-off built for one valued customer, this 1479-hp machine pays tribute to the 110th anniversary of Bugatti with nods to the Type 57. https://www.roadandtrack.com/car-shows/geneva-auto-show/a26638740/bugatti-la-voiture-noire-most-expensive-new-car-for-sale/

That’s not a bad commission based on you posting pictures, videos, and other content on social media sites. If you’re wondering how you might get paid a commission for such a sale — or if your friends buy real estate near where they see a picture of you vacationing — you might be wondering: “how can I get a commission from a sale like that? I haven’t paid 7 levels of Realtor Board dues (City, County, State, Regional, National, and more) or car sales licensing board dues.” Fortunately, Homemaide doesn’t use over-regulated, Centrally-controlled fiat currencies who’ve been debased more than the ancient Roman Denari to give you your commission. So, no worries! Reach out to us today to learn more!

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