Of Drones and Honey Scones

Of Drones and Scones

Aug 28, 2019 · 4 min read
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The US Air Force recently completed an incredible 720 days in continuous orbit with the X-37B drone. That drone is an incredible leap forward in technology and aerospace as it “uses thrusters that use an electric field to accelerate xenon propellant, which means movements can take place without relying on a lot of fuel on board.”


This novel and inspiring type of technology — electric propulsion system components — will eventually, one day, maybe be available to amateur drone pilots. The question then becomes what would those pilots do if they could have a drone in orbit for 720+ days?

As long as those drones aren’t equipped with flamethrowers or any other weapons, the FAA won’t likely come after you. When in doubt, see: https://www.faa.gov/uas/


The drones my team and I have purchased have been smaller — like the type you can put in your hand and direct them to fly away from there — have worked out great! You can use them to deliver messages or cups of coffee or pizza or donuts through the office or up to a lunch break on the office building’s roof.

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What we haven't yet been able to do is use one of our drones to deliver delicious fried scones along with the condiments. Remember as a kid, diving into a fried scone (not the overly thick biscuits some people call scones today) on a weekend morning, a scone flooded with butter, honey, syrup, honey sticks, whip-cream, powdered sugar, pecans, cream cheese, etc.? (Pardon me while I drool.)

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HOMEMAIDE helps you sell your style and buy the things that make you smile, seamlessly.

Any item you pass in your daily routine (drones, scones, Febreze, Lysol, dish soap, dish detergent, songs, music, media, pillows, blankets, beds from your needed extra nap; delicious bleu cheese), any fun detour or side attraction you stop at while on a road trip (petting zoo, Susquehanna Soft Serve Ice Cream, museums and their never-ending gift shops) — ALL you have to do is upload a picture or paused video screenshot of that to your existing social media sites and Homemaide will send you a commission for every purchase your friends make.

AND — they don’t have to buy a $6,000,000 drone or a scone franchise (or a fitness franchise like F54) for you to earn a commission (but if they do, YOU will earn a commission from Homemaide on those larger purchases(!!!). If they rented the cheapest economy car or the cheapest pipette or the cheapest bleu cheese slices, you’d still earn a commission off that. If they bought the item that was in your picture, video, or voice-automated update (like a rental car, Airbnb lodging, hotel stay, Lyft, Uber, Via trip) — they can purchase that (even as a e-giftcard) and ship that to a family member, relative, or friend. And after that purchase, yes, YOU will also earn a commission from that purchase.

If they bought stock in drone manufacturers or one of the top scone or dairy producing companies (Nestlé USA, Dean Foods Co, Saputo Inc, Land O’Lakes Inc, Dairy Farmers of America Inc, Schreiber Foods, Kraft Foods, Agropur Cooperative) — YOU would earn acommission off of that purchase. If they bought any item from the pictures you uploaded, you’d earn money. That’s the magic of Homemaide.

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