Of Diaper Cakes and Muscle Aches

Of Diaper Cakes and Muscle Aches

Aug 21, 2019 · 3 min read
We’re lucky enough to live in an area where a lot of our friends and neighbors have decided to have babies. Some of our Maides (people who work at Homemaide) have had the chance to build many different diaper cakes and deliver them, sometimes anonymously, sometimes at baby showers, to the expectant mothers. The hard part, they told me, was picking which type of diaper cake to make. Searching online for 30 seconds usually gives you more information and ideas than you can process.

There are some diaper cakes you can buy and have shipped to friends or relatives you don’t live near — but something homemade always feels nicer to receive; no?

Some of our friends that have received some of the awesome diaper cakes we’ve made said that when it’s left on their front porch, followed by a doorbell being rung — and no one on the porch when the front door is opened, has been their favorite part. :)

Now, when I first received a diaper cake it was from a coworker and I had never seen anything like that before. After driving home I told my spouse the good news:

“Surprise! Diaper cake as a gift from a friend of mine!”

She loved it and we used every part of it a few months later when our baby was born.

Not long after that moment, my mother in law came to stay with us. Back then she wasn’t (and isn’t now) really all that old, but somehow she ended up using Tei Fu as toothpaste. For those of you who don’t know, Tie Fu is an incredibly strong muscle relaxant. Homemaide HIGHLY recommends using it for any muscle aches, including those that result from orthopaedic surgery such as spinal fusions in your lumbar.

Homemaide does NOT recommend using Tei Fu as toothpaste, nor as any other ingredient in anything you’re planning on eating. If you place just a small drop of it on your face as a friend of mine did, you might end up echoing what my mother in law and what Gob from Arrested Development (pronounced, “Job” like from the Old Testament in the Bible) realized:

I’ve made a terrible mistake.


HOMEMAIDE helps you sell your style and buy the things that make you smile, seamlessly.

If you’re looking at your friends updates on social media and you see one of them was sore from a recent Triathlon, or from hosting a baby shower, you could use Homemaide to buy and send them some Tei Fu or a diaper cake or you could donate to a Cause or charity or person you care about.

You could also use Homemaide to purchase and have delivered to their place one of their favorite foods.

If that food was prepared by another one of your friends, that person would also earn a commission from Homemaide!

If they bought real estate near the body of water you crossed on the fairy or rented an Airbnb place near the spot where you were when you posted your update to social media — YOU’d earn a commission off of that purchase. If they bought any item from the pictures you uploaded, you’d earn money. That’s the magic of Homemaide.

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