Of Buying a House and Buying a Blouse

Of Buying a House and Buying a Blouse

Oct 7, 2019 · 8 min read
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Q: Thanks for meeting with me! Last time you were looking for a house, what’s you do?

A: I think we could afford maybe one house per zip code. Not just all cash offers. Twice the house we submitted an offer on was on the market for 9 months and another buyer sent an offer in when we did. Two of the other times the hose was on the market for like 5 days and another time we decided the house wasn’t quite what we wanted since the backyard was really close to a lot of power lines and we didn’t want our kids too close to those every time they played in the backyard…and because we found out we qualified for a bigger mortgage than we thought we did, depending on the spot or zip code we were in and the neighborhood we were in. If you’re in a luxury area, you can qualify for more than you expect.

Q: OK. So your broker may have said something like — you have champagne tastes on a beer budget?

A: Yeah. So when you have that champagne taste on a beer budget you have to look for things a lot longer cause you know what you want — you need to find where it’s affordable. That was after my broker said: Buyers are liars and sellers are storytellers.

Q: OK. So like school quality?

A: School quality was important and we wouldn’t have moved into a place with a 7 school

Q: What’s a 7?

A: A rating from GreatSchools.org. We ended up buying a house that had three schools that were rated 9/10, in Kindergarten through 12th grade.

Q: I heard those ratings were from parents who had a really positive or really negative experience, no?

A: No. There are test scores, scales and other things like ten different scales. College preparedness, test scores.

Q: Isn’t standardized test a poor metric though to gauge students’ learning?

A: Right. That’s why we read the reviews as well, so we could see whether the students who went there enjoyed themselves there and enjoyed the learning, and the atmosphere.

A: So when we looked at Gifted and Talented programs, it was in a beautiful neighborhood at a 7 -rated school but one of the reviews said: This school has no Gifted and Talented program, unless you want to take your child to school on Saturday, and we already knew we had at least two children who qualified for that program, and punishing them for being smart by taking them to school all day on Saturday seemed kind of weird. We were not interested in that. WE were only interested in schools that had gifted and talented schools that were well developed and also schools that our kids would be hap at. Where they went to elementary has an art emphasis and some studies have shown that art-empahsis schools, kids enjoy more because they get to express themselves in creative, art ways.

Q: Is that like grey matter, elastic thinking?

A: Kind of and there was language back then, not now, and they have music. AND even with our kid that might not be as gifted they were better at helping him than my friends who have kids at other schools where their kids get very little help.

Q: Because — the school your kids go to has more than enough resources or PTA involvement or donations?

A: Right, and the PTA involvement gives the school a lot of money, and parental involvement makes it so the parents can complain if they’re not getting what they need, plus there’s the idea of a good teaching environment will attract god teachers because they’ll enjoy themselves and not get burned out as quickly as they might at other schools, and they’ll be more experienced with helping kids that are ahead and very ahead or able or gifted and so I’ve seen that very consistently in the schools they’re in.

Q: And what did you look for the last time you bought a blouse?

A: Well, because I’m up in my upper side, a lot of blouses aren’t stretchable , so you have to find one that’s stretchable. I have a big chest and also I have broad shoulders, more than the average female. So when I’m looking for blouses, I like a pretty material but if it’s not stretchable, it has to be well-fitting but I like something that would give me a good waist look as well…and I need extra large on that, to stay modest. And you also have to look at blouse styles change quite rapidly like jean style and t-shirt styles. So you don’t want to get one that looks too frumpy or old fashioned.

Q: OK. That sounds good…but, hold on — I thought you said you didn’t try and keep up w/ the trends?

A: I glance at the trends, like I glance at the people around me and say: Oh, that’s a nice style. Like there’s a friend o f mine who teaches yoga and she wears very simple shirts and blouses but they’re very classy looking because they’re classy material and classy in the shape. Definitely a minimalist and she definitely doesn’t have the same figure as I do so the same thing that works for her might not work on me but I do have two blouses that are inspired by what I saw on her. So I do like that clean, sleek, classic look. But I do sometimes like that frilliness look in blouses — I just haven’t found many that I like.

Q: OK. Since you have some custom requirements, do you buy most of your blouses online?

A: No. I don’t because it doesn’t really work very well for me because I cant tell online if a blouse is going to work for me. Although Amazon does have some models who have a similar body shape to mine and so that does help. The tricky part about that, after I find a model who has similar figure to me, is that sometimes there are some modesty issues that come up. Like it looks a little too tight? Too many slits?

Q: OK. Thanks. What could the retailers or manufactures do to help overcome those obstacles for you?

A: When I see models who are more of my physical shape, then I’m more likely to buy a blouse online because I can see what it looks like on someone who has my physical shape.

Q: OK. So reading the measurements of the blouse doesn’t help?

A: No, because even if you measure and measure all the things you need to measure I’ve still found that — even if they have those measurements on Aamzon or ebay or etsy, those measurements still might not be accurate.

Q: Because?

A: Amazon has a very general chart they use and everyone seems to be using it even if the chart doesn’t reflect the item they’re selling. Another thing to percent that is you go down and look at the reviews and sometimes they’ll say: this doesn’t work for women with a big chest or big shoulders or a particular body shape. Most reviews will say that. But I’ve still never found a blouse on Amazon that I’ve bought because of those issues.

Q: What would help you complete your buyer’s journey?

A: If I could virtually try it on and see what it would look like on my particular body, than I would buy it online and I’d PREFER to buy it that way because it is annoying. I do look for — every time I get the chance, I do look at blouses and try to figure out if things will work. I have had some success going to Ross. Dress for Less because they just have so many choices. So I’ve found some really nice striped-like outfits that I liked there that have blouse-like look. Stripes made of less elegant material look a little bit more formal.

Q: If you were looking at Amazon and you could try it on virtually and they had a general sizing chart, how would trying it on virtually help?

I guess because I’d see what their sizing chart means in reality, in real terms, real inches and I’d be able to check to see how it would fit my shoulders and my chest.


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