Of Benjamin Franklins ($20 Bill) & Fridays

Of Franklin’s ($20 Bill) & Fridays

Jun 21, 2019 · 4 min read
First of all, I rarely carry cash.

Not because I’m afraid of being mugged but simply because it’s too slow and inconvenient.

Running to not miss the train, whose app told me it was on time.

Grandma had woken up my wife and i in the middle of the night, for the third night in a row, due to our baby girl whimpering for her mother- due to the baby;s Pink Eye.

$135 for my monthly train pass

$5 for the kids and the their father who were selling snacks to raise funds for Alzheimer’s Disease — on the longest day of the year, the Summer Solstice.

Two stops later, a transfer to the other train to work:

$100 per month for that pass.

$1 for the male musician who was singing beautifully but oddly, not playing his steel drum at the same time. I was waiting for “Johnnie Rose,” the flower guy who had a neck surgery last month, to come back from the place he had stepped out to for a moment.

Dad called after several emails asking what he’d like for Father’s Day and I was told:

Abbott and Costello meet Frankenstein

And then Vocabutoons:

Then $10 to buy two half-bouquets from my friend Johnny in the metro station. He wasn’t there earlier in the morning when I passed by.

After the commute home, spent $4 on snacks from the Alzheimer’s Disease fundraisers but this time, instead of eating the snacks for lunch, I took them home for my family to enjoy.

Strange how most of this money — or exchange of value — took place without cash:

$50 for Amazon

$135 for a monthly train pass

$100 for another monthly train pass

$5 for snacks/lunch

$10 for flowers

$4 for cookies to take home, along with the flowers

I know what you’re thinking:

Cool story, bro — but how does this relate to Homemaide?

I’ll tell you —

The six examples of Franklin’s ($20 bills) transfering value from me to seller’s of other retailers demonstrates the friction in such transactions:

1. First monthly train pass — requires in person ID verification monthly, then computer assisted further verification and custom-printing of the monthly pass

2. Second monthly train pass — requires transfer online but only requires setting up your account once (unless you lose your pass, or change your commuting habits, or move or change jobs or miss a week or two due to illness or vacation)

3. Amazon: value transfers if: you find the product you want; note: ABbott and Costello meet the Monsters (four monsters) is not Abbot and COstello meet Frankenstein

4. Johnny Rose: cash only; no exceptions; if he’s not there, you can’t buy his flowers. Yes, the flowers at grocery stores on the commute home are more expensive and less beautiful. Example: one time Johnny brought rainbow-colored roses!

5. Musician in the metro: had an Instagram and Twitter username but so many people walk by so quickly, it’s hard to get all the letters and symbols correct, jeopardizing streamlined digital payment / CD purchases

6. Alzheimer’s Disease fundraisers: If I didn’t have cash, they wouldn’t have been able to sell me anything.

Homemaide charges sellers less than Amazon, pays sellers more than Amazon, is easier to use than Amazon, matches the product your searching for so you dont’ ahve to search through Amazon-sized inventories, AND it’s seamless.

That’s how it relates.

Remember, every ONE of your pictures is worth 1,000 purchases…at Homemaide.

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