Here at Homemaide we want to help you make money when your friends buy items from the art (the pics, videos, and writings) you share, and the special moments you share with your friends on social media. Unlike some e-commerce platforms that only let you purchase things you take a picture of, Homemaide let’s you SELL what you’ve already uploaded to social media. You don’t need to establish your own store on Homemaide like Etsy, E-bay, and others require. You are not restricted to selling only one category of products.

You are an artist and the more Homemaide can help you benefit from your art, the more time you’ll have to create more inspiring creativity.

One area where creativity never ceases is in cooking and in the kitchen.

Artificial colors, dyes, and “artificial ingredients” listed on all too many items at the grocery store are not essential elements of creative cooking. For example, when my wife made this incredible Wreck It Ralph cake for a birthday party Aldi’s and Wegman’s had a TON of supplies that we used in the fondant.

Which you can now purchase on Homemaide here: 

Taking this thought (higher quality products lead to higher prices and happy customers) a little further…

There are many good reasons Amazon acquired Whole Foods for $13.7 billion “in an all-cash deal — Amazon’s biggest acquisition by far.”

One of those reasons may have been a higher quality of inventory. People correctly no longer want to damage their family’s health with food that contains harmful ingredients such as artificial colors/dyes/ingredients. If Amazon simply wanted to purchase one of the largest grocery chains in the US, Kroger’s, Albertson’s, and Publix are larger than Whole Foods and have a longer track record of connecting suppliers and purchasers.

  • 3 The Kroger Company.
  • 17 Albertson’s Companies Limited.
  • 29 Publix Super Markets, Inc.
  • 59 Whole Food Markets.
  • 92 Southeastern Grocers, LLC
  • 99 Hyvee, Inc
  • 105 Giant Eagle, Inc.

As Derek Thompson’s excellent article at the Atlantic covered:

  1. “This is about food as a delivery service…”

2. “This is about Whole Foods as a distribution hub — and Amazon as a physical retail presence…”

3. “This is about Amazon as a ‘life bundle,’ particularly for affluent Americans…”

In addition, as Lisa Eadicicco mentioned in TIME, a few more reasons why Amazon bought Whole Food, are:

4. Bigger retail footprint

5. Faster Delivery

6. Better Grocery Selection (emphasis added)

7. Stronger Home Presence

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