Of a Hymn Sing and Ginseng

Of a Hymn Sing and Ginseng

Jul 15, 2019 · 3 min read
In the beautiful town of Deep Creek Lake, around the 4th of July, a few churches meet up and sing patriotic and spiritual Christian hymns. My family and I went and sang with some of our friends. The chorister asked if the audience had any requests and naturally I asked of we could song Down to the River to Pray from O Brother, where art thou?

Sadly that hymn wasn’t in the hymn book. I thought we might sing it accapella but the chorister did not have all the lyrics memorized. I even volunteered that said song was my friend’s favorite.

Even without singing that song, we had a great time and there was plenty of room for our rented 12 passenger van to turn around, in the church’s parking lot.

There is also a beautiful scenic road called Sang Run road. The discovery center staff, next to the beach part of the lake told me that road was named after the Gin Seng that used to grow abundantly in that area.

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