Of A Greek Trunk-or-Treat and Adapters, Sweet!

Of A Greek Trunk-or-Treat and Adapters, Sweet!

Nov 16, 2019 · 3 min read
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Happy Halloween!

CLICK HERE to here Homemaide’s latest interview, where a trunk or treat competition for Best Trunk becomes tricky as power options for the lights of the makeshift Mount Olympus are limited. Eventually the Ampeak 100W Car Power Inverter DC 12V to 110V AC Converter with 2.1A USB Car Adapter is ordered, w/o Prime, arrives in time, only for weather to force the trunk or treat inside. The person being interviewed still won, so take that, bad weather!

So after searching Home Depot, Lowes, Ace Hardware and a few other stores online, Amazon ended up having the type of adapter that had the correct conversion ability for the right amount of amperage to light the columns that were part of the Mount Olympus design for the trunk-or-treat. Then weather forced the interviewee inside — where the lights were able to be plugged into a normal outlet. Always better to be prepared, eh?

After the trunk or treat, the Greek Gods and Goddesses made this delicious haunted gingerbread house:

From left to right: Poseidon, Hades, Zeus, Demeter, Aphrodite, Athena, Persephone, and the Siren


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