My Misadventure with a Dress / Jumpsuit / Romper / RompSuit

(This is a special guest post from Homemaide's Chief Creative Officer!)

Last week my family and I went on vacation to beautiful Appalachia, up in PA. Family friends invited us to their lake house - which was amazing!  While on a trip to pick up groceries, we went to a clothing store in Canton, PA. 

They had an amazing clearance rack and the stuff on the clearance rack was only 49 cents per item of clothing!  Naturally I ended up buying the ugliest dress there and attempting to make it into a romper. (Actually I showed it to my Dad so he would laugh with me and he ended up buying it for my Mom who spat out the water she was drinking when she first saw it.)


It went downhill from there. I suggested we make a tent or tarp out of it.  My parents said no. It was the thinnest weirdest fabric so I decided to convert it into pants.  Sewing it was difficult but after I sewed the dress’ skirt into pants I realized that It wasn’t going to work as a romper / jumpsuit or as I now call it: the RompSuit. The neck was a halter neck as in: fitted to the neck and it can't fit a person (shoulders, waist, thighs, etc.) through the neck hole.  This wasn’t an issue when it was a dress because the bottom was a skirt you could put over your head but that’s not really how a RompSuit works.

So now I have a RompSuit - that I can’t wear - sitting on my shelf and I keep thinking about how much easier it would have been to just use Homemade to purchase a romper or RompSuit. On the plus side, my expectations have been gently glided back down to reality. So, that's nice.


NAILED IT! The Most Hilarious Pinterest Fails Ever - YouTube

If I used Homemade I could simply upload a photo of a romper that looked similar to the dress (or better like this one)

Then Homemaide would find the outfit and I could purchase it and send a commission to my friend on social media who posted the original romper. I'd rather just spend the money than spend days with my sewing machine questioning why certain fabric blends were even created.

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