Of a 2020 Subaru Outback Limited LX


Dec 9, 2019 · 4 min read

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Q: Thanks for meeting with me! What happened on your unique buyer’s journey?

A: Okay. Well, over this past weekend I went shopping for a car. I knew what I wanted. The first dealership my husband and I went to, the saslesman was on his phone for most of the test drive which showed me exaclty how important I was to him.

Q: Hmm…that doesn’t sound like a pleasant experience.

A: No, that first part wasn’t but after we went home, my husband and I reviewed the options and requirements I needed and we emailed the next dealership. They provided us with their terms (delivery, financing, etc.) and 8 weeks from last Saturday, I’ll have my new car. It costs about $40,000 but it had all the features I needed, especially the safety features.


Q: Cool! What were some of those safety features?

A: Automatic brakes when cars or objects in the road suddenly change thier speed…and if you’re at a red light and the car in front of you starts moving, the Subaru will start moving also even if you’re not pushing the gas.

Q: Like if you get distracted, not that any of us ever get distracted, right?

A: Ha, ha! I wish. But yeah, I think that feature is there incase you’re tired and you rest your eyes at a red light, or you have to reply to an urgent text or if you drop your drink or need toplug in your GPS or smartphone…to use it’s GPS.

Q: And when you buy a car do you usually buy them new?

A: Usually and I drive them until they are not really driveable any longer.

Q: Great. And when you buy new cars do you usually get all the features, upgrades, and luxury models?

A: Not really but this time my husband wanted the luxury model and features. I would have been fine without them but…

Q: Okay. Nice. And what happened to your current car? Like were you in an accident or it stopped working or?

A: No. It works fine I’ve just driven it for 13 years, so I’m ready for a new car. I have a 2006 Mazda — I’m trying to sell it as part of the front bumper or grill is dented or missing since I accidentally hit a raccoon one night. IN the back — it’s a hatchbakc trunk — there’s a dent on the right side where someone with a tow hitch backed into me while I was grocery shopping. I asked the store if they had video cameras in the parking lot since the person who bumped into the back of my car drove off. They told me they werent’t liable and that in the particluar part of the parking lot I had parked in, the camera angles did not reach.

Q: That’s terrible!

A: The crazy thing is I had just got the backdoor of that Mazda fixed…from someone else with a tow hitch who backed into it.

Q: And you mentioned before the interview that you also have a truck?

A: My husband is the only one allowed to drive his truck — ha, ha, ha! But he also trying to sell his 2011 BMW but we owe about $67,000 and it’s worth maybe $47,000.


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