Of Zirconium and Zucchini Bread

Of Zirconium and Zucchini

Jun 25, 2019 · 3 min read
Once upon a time in a galaxy not too far away, I was asked to assist the engineering department of a nuclear power plant equipment manufacturer.

Most of the research involved grain-sized analysis (grind, polish, etch, photograph w/ microscope, repeat) of beta-quenched zirconium channel material.

Did I have fun experimenting within the fume hood, with Sulfuric acid and it’s affects on samples of metal which were scheduled for inventory reduction or in other words, to be thrown away?

Of course.

What about making different shapes out of the plastic mixture some of the metal samples were secured in before the grain analysis?


Was the shaft of a high-pressure mounting press accidentally launched into the suspended ceiling’s Styrofoam-like tiles?

Double Check.

Were several diamond blade saws accidentally broken while attempting to saw off edges of the samples that would have interfered with the grain analysis?

Triple check.

Due to the proprietary and technical specifications in addition to compliance with OSHA and all other city, county, state, and federal safety and nuclear energy safety regulations, the specific products aren’t for sale on current e-commerce platforms (that I’m aware of).

BUT don’t worry. There are Zirconium products, including jewelry, that are available:

Exquisite jewelry:

Now, for a related and totally delicious story of my Grandma’s fried zucchini:

Growing up on the farm, Grandma was expected to do the same amount of work as the boys. Her father had a degenerative back disease that impacted his ability to work, after most of the cows at his farm in Wyoming got sick and died. At the same time he was very personable and was hired as a manager at a local bank where he and his wife worked for quite a while.

The secrets to making fried zucchini perfectly are:

1- using the correct type of oil

2- breading the zucchini with farm-fresh eggs

3- seasoning the breaded zucchini slices enough but not too much

4- slicing the zucchini in a way that is not too thick making it harder to chew but also not as thin as some Ratatouille recipes suggest

To help you in your fried zucchini culinary adventures, here’s a few items that might help:


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