Of Water Bears and Waffle Burgers

Apparently some in the scientific community are concerned about a recent crash-landing on Earth’s Moon of a spaceship that contained tardigrades aka Water Bears.

Contamination of future space shuttles that visit the moon is a concern. Since these critters can live in many different environments [anaerobic (little to no Oxygen), high pressure, light radiation, etc.] they might multiple quite a bit before NASA’s next planned mission the Moon in 2024.

Update: The Arch Mission Foundation has inked a deal with Astrobotic, a NASA-funded firm that intends to deliver a lander to the moon’s surface in 2020 ( https://in.mashable.com/science/5651/heres-how-tardigrades-were-secretly-smuggled-to-the-moon).

Contamination of future successful Thorium extraction might also be a concern.

Seems to me like humankind has just successfully, unintentionally, and serendipitously started colonizing other planetoids and moons. Mars is a noble and worthwhile goal but remains a few years away, at least.

Water Bears are only one in the family of Extremophiles ( Acidophile, Alkaliphile, Osmophile, Barophile / Piezophile, Thermophile, Psychrophile / Cryophile, Halophile, Xerophile, Capnophile, Endolith, Oligotroph, Metallotolerant, and Radioresistant), though I imagine there are more out there, living in places where sampling is incredibly difficult such as the plasma within stars and as well as Black Holes, worm holes, Hawking Radiation, Dark Matter (all types), and Dark Energy (all varieties).

A few years ago when one of our founding members applied for a job at Emerald Cloud Lab, he sent a microbe along with his resume — only to be turned down, sadly. It was a very cute Water Bear:

If I encountered a Water Bear, I’d offer it a Waffle Burger. That would stop or at least delay their take over of earth, along with the rest of the universe. No?

Pillsbury.com has an incredible recipe for Waffle Burgers:

Genius Kitchen aka Food.com has this delicious recipe for waffle burgers:

Other equally awesome sites full of delicious and healthy recipes are: RealFood, Food Network, AllRecipes, SouthernLiving, A Taste of Home, Betty Crocker and Pilsbury, Delish, and Epicurious.com.


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