Of Super Mario and Super Cardio


Dec 27, 2019 · 4 min read
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Q: Thanks for joining us here at Homemaide today! What started your latest buyer’s journey?

A: Well when I was younger my brothers and I would play Super Mario, like the first, second, third and Super Mario World games during Christmas break…and maybe a bit too much during Summer Break as well. Now that I’m a father, I wanted my kids to share in the joy and frustration of those awesome games.

Q: That sounds great! Super Mario has sold an incredible amount — I mean, sure the PlayStation and Xbox have made major headway into the gaming market but one source claims that”

“the Mario franchise has sold 623.34 million units as of December 2017. This includes the core Super Mario series and several other Mario series. Only some of the digital distribution sales through the Virtual Console service are included.

The core Super Mario series had sold more than 30 million units in the US and Japan by 1990,[1] up to 70 million units worldwide by 1991,[2] over 100 million units by 1993,[3] over 160 million units by 2002,[4] over 222 million units by 2009,[5] 240 million units by 2010,[6] over 310 million units by 2014,[7] and 351.79 million units as of March 2018 (source).”

A: Yes. I remember like when I was younger a ton of my friends and cousins were also playing the same games so we’d share with each other our progress and tips on how to beat Bowser at certain levels, ya know? And whether certain friends had Game Genie, to help them cheat and stuff. It was awesome!

Q: I definitely remember those times. And how does Super Mario lead you to cardio?

A: Oh, my wife said I was spending too much time playing Super Mario with the kids so she suggested I get more exercise. Since it’s cold outside, I bought a jump rope and a tread mill.

Q: Great. And how did you shop for those?

A: Um, honestly? I just went on Amazon and bought the cheapest products I could find, as quickly as I could, so I could go back and play more Super Mario with my kids.

Q: That makes sense to me. Did you share your purchase — or have you in the past, shared what you bought on social media?

A: I didn’t share this purchase but I have shared, like when I buy a new car or a new house or if my wife wants to take a Christmas picture or Easter or family reunion picture.

Q: I totally get that. Sometimes people who work out a lot and eat a very healthy diet like to show the results on social media. I admire people who have that kind of dedication because I don’t —

A: I don’t either.

Q: Makes sense after kids and commuting, traffic and taxes, work — that doesn’t always leave much time for working out.

A: Yeah. Some people bike to work or run 10 miles a day, I’m just not one of those people.

Q: Do you think any of your friends would have bought what you bought, if you shared it on social media?

A: Uh…probably not but they would have been more likely to buy Super Mario 3 or Super Mario World.

Q: Sounds exactly like my friends as well.


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