Of SmileDirect and A Caramel Inject

Of SmileDirect and A Caramel Inject

Jan 4 · 6 min read
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Q: Thanks for meeting with me! What prompted you to start your most recent buyer’s journey?

A: The pediatric dentist we take the kids to suggested we have an orthodontist look at their teeth and suggest retainers, or braces or nothing.

Q: Hmm. OK. Did you have an orthodontist in mind?

A: No but I looked on our neighborhood list-serv for orthodontist recommendations and found a great one..that was within MetLife’s network.

Q: Great! You didn’t ask your friends?

A: Not for this. I didn’t have time. The orthodontist suggested 18 months of braces for my oldest daughter and that would have been $5,000 total but only $3,000 after our MetLife dental insurance kicked, and we would make payments each month, I think.

Q: That price doesn’t sound too bad.

A: Yeah but we have four kids, so that price is too high.

Q: OK. What did you do next?

A: My friend was telling me and some other friends how her husband had forgotten her birthday so she bought a gift for herself. The gift she bought was SmileDirect Club.

Q: That’s an excellent gift!

A: Yeah. She was talking about the price, duration, and all the other details, like how it was $1,700 for 5 months with no dental insurance coverage versus $3,000 over 18 months after dental insurance coverage.

Q: OK, and then what did you do?

A: I explained to my husband the cost and opinions I got.

Q: What did he think?

A: That insurance would cover either one, which is didn’t. But we went over it a few times, and eventually he understood that no dental insruance coverage at $3,000 per child is greater than $1,700.

Q: What about refunds if SmileDirect Club doesn’t work?

A: They have a guarantee.

Q: Sounds great! Does your health insurance plan have supplemental dental insurance?

A: It does but only for preventative measures like biannual cleanings not for orthodontia. We have the more expensive MetLife dental coverage for deep cleanings which are usually like $800 to $900 but with our plan, it’s only $300.

Q: Isn’t orthodontia preventative?

A: No. A lot of people live without orthodontia, it just wears down your teeth eventually.

Q: OK, and why did you see the orthodontist now instead of when your kids are older?

A: The dentist and orthodontist told me not to delay any further, and my sister in law had maxillofacial surgery, so my husband was concerned that none of our kids need that or at least we get ahead of it as early as possible.

Q: That sounds intense!

A: It definitely was. She had to eat those Ensure drinks for a few months while her jaw healed.

Q: How does that lead us to a caramel inject?

A: On my husband’s birthday we went hiking at Little Gun Powder Falls but didn’t see the falls where the map said they were, so that stunk. Total bummer. The day after my husband’s birthday I made a birthday cake with his favorite candy bar sprinkled on the top.

Q: Can I have some of that?

A: Sorry. It’s gone.

Q: Ergh….No worries. Tell me more about this cake.

A: We have some Lactose-intolerant tummies in our family so I made coconut whip cream which didn’t whip up or fluff up because it wasn’t cold enough. It was in the fridge for 4 hours and it needs to be int here for 6 hours. So I put vanilla pudding (artificial dye and artificial color free since most puddings have those harmful ingredients int hem; I don’t know why) and Lactaid in it.

Q: And you made this like from scratch?

A: I can. I just didn’t this time. I had a Devils’ Food Cake mix from Aldi’s. I also made microwaved caramel. The directions were a little scant but I’v made caramel before — a lot of times — so I doubled the microwave time until the caramel was the right texture, the right consistency, the right viscosity.

Q: That all sounds delicious. I’m just not that sure where the inject happened?

A: So first you cook the cake in the oven. Then you take it out and poke holes one inch apart with the handle of a wooden spoon, pour in a can of sweetened condensed milk in the holes, then pour in the caramel. You need to use the caramel while it’s still warm and it was still soft since I doubled the microwave time.

Q: I’m drooling now. What were the next steps?

A: Then you frost it with the vanilla pudding-coconut whip cream, Lactaid, and crumble up 5 Butterfingers and sprinkle them over the top.

Q: Great. Last question — if you updated your social media with pictures and text of that exquisite cake you made and the SmileDirect purchase you made, which one of those do you think your friends would be likely to buy?

A: Good question. I bought the SmileDirect because my friend was talking about it. It’s not my prettiest cake. It wasn’t like 5 layers, decorated with fondant and all that — I made this Wreck it Ralph cake for my youngest son’s birthday party. And the Butterfinger cake cost maybe $10 for all the ingredients.

Q: And if someone wanted to pay you to make one for them?

A: It’s really easy to make.

Q: For you, it is.

A: I don’t know, maybe $35?

Q: Sounds great! Thanks. Here’s your free Amazon giftcard.


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