Of Pickling, Pizzas, and Poison Ivy

Of Pickling, Pizzas, and Poison Ivy

Jun 18, 2019 · 6 min read
Once upon a time, in a desert far, far away a group of very smart people built “a 102-mile (164 km) railroad line in Utah which (ran) from Ogden to its namesake in Lucin. The most prominent feature of the cutoff was a 12-mile (19 km) long railroad trestle crossing the Great Salt Lake, in use from 1904 until the late 1950s, and since replaced by a rock and dirt causeway.”

- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lucin_Cutoff

“ The line included a rail station called Mid Lake, which was in the middle of Great Salt Lake.” — Ibid (Wikipedia)
“ 2016 Map of the Cutoff as it crosses the Great Salt Lake (Includes past and present features).” — Wikipedia

“By 1908, five passenger trains and seven freight trains were using the Lucin Cutoff in each direction daily. In 1942, the original line was removed between Lucin and Corinne, Utah — with the last Promontory spikes pulled up and the scrap metal donated to the (WWII) effort.[2]

This marvel of engineering was recorded in detail here: http://www.trestlewood.com/page/1022/

Trestlewood is an incredible company that secured the timber rights to all the lumber used to build the Lucin Cutoff — not only that, thanks to the nature of the Great Salt Lake, that lumber has been salted or “pickled” for almost 80 years, giving it a distinctive look and feel.

Trestlewood sells this lumber in multiple beautiful products which I encourage you to peruse.

I know: Cool story, bro.

What does this have to do with Homemaide and how can I use this story to help me make money?

THIS: If you find pictures of the Lucin Cutoff — or any pictures of older buildings, cars, things you have hobbies in, things you are interested in- all you have to do is post those on your existing social media accounts. WHen your friends or friends of your friends see the items and objects in your pictures, they can then purchase those via Homemaide and YOU willr eceive a commission.

For example, if you posted a picture like this one:

“Aerial view of the Lucin Cutoff trestle before removal. The 1950s causeway can be seen to the right of the trestle.” — Wikipedia

And someone wanted to buy the salted, “pickled” timber from Trestlewood at $6.30 per board foot (12" x 12" x 1"), at a minimum of 250 board feet = $1,575

Suddenly, YOU (not Facebook, not Twitter, not Instagram, not WhatsApp) are getting paid based on the content and volume of updates you provide.

And now for my favorite part of this blog, the favorite part of my diet, and my favorite part of Fridays’: PIZZA!

My wife bought me a pizza-shaped towel for Father’s Day!

Google shopping provides a few hundred products but only the four best are posted here:

We also have pizza on most Friday nights, BUT —

We try and make the pizza at home as that reduces the sodium content by about a billion percent.

Also let’s us not drive through traffic during rush hour to get dinner.

And that let’s us not have to wait for the delivery man to also drive through rush hour traffic, if they don’t simply delay the meal for an additional 20 minutes, 5 times in a row — looking your direction Pizza Hut.

These pizzas have been made with Alfredo sauce; some have been made with bacon, turkey bacon, meatballs, leftover meatballs, and a lot of other delicious toppings.

My older sister intorduced me to a delicious recipe of pizza, a few years ago, before we went to see an X-Men movie with some friends. It was a pepporoni pizza with M&M’s sprinkled on top of it.

PLEASE try this. It’s delicious! The bitter salt and garlic butter combined with the sweet, chocolate and patented “thin candy shell,” was exquisite!

Especially when you’re eating it in the ’88 Dodge Colt you’ve been driving since high school.

THe point of this story is:

Whenever you’re eating pizza with family or friends, and you upload a picture of that to your existing social media accounts, Homemaide let’s your friends buy that same delicious recipe and YOU earn a commission from their purchase!


“Missed her- Kissed her- Loved her- That girl is poison!”

While clearing out the weeds behind my shed, I came upon a TON of poison ivy. Unfortunately it was mixed in with a bunch of other weeds, and my shovel and rake ripped everything out.

This leads us to poison ivy rashes on my arms, which then leads us to asking my doctor for a prescription.

This leads to my doctor asking to see pictures via email, which I provide.

The pictures leads us to me receiving the Rx, using about half of it, (after returning home from a business trip where I had to where short-sleeve shirts and not rest my arms on anything during all the meetings) and freezing the other half for future use (which I’ve already needed and it’s now gone as well.)

Fortunately I had help moving the posion ivy to the properly marked garbage cans (not paper, not plastic, not organic material garbage cans but the cans with the large green sticker on them).

Not only that, when we tossed the poison ivy in our fire pit, not only did it help kindle the fire but as the liquid burned as well there was a fun snapping sound to it.

See you in hell…poison ivy!


Next time you’re gardening, and you take a picture of the monstrosity of vines, weeds, and poison ivy facing you and haunting your dreams — or if you want to share the success of your many hours of gardening — just upload a pic to your existing social media accounts.

When your friends see those pictures, Homemaide will help them:

  1. Buy some weed killer for their own gardens
  2. Buy some weed killer for you, out of pity and for humor
  3. Buy some gardening supplies (fruit plants, veggies plants, top soil, fertilizer, gardening gloves, gardening tools, shovel, rake, etc.)
  4. Buy some lemonade to celebrate thier success
  5. Buy some lemonade to celebrate your success
  6. Buy some lemonade to laugh at themselves and the result of thier gardening attempts
  7. Buy some lemonade to laugh at, I mean “with” you at the results of your gardening attempts


It’s just that simple!

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