Of Chocolate Oranges and Door Hinges


Dec 20, 2019 · 5 min read

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Q: Hi! Thanks for meeting with me. What prompted you to start your buyer’s journey?

A: I was at the school bus stop with my kids and the other moms there started talking about Christmas, Hanukkah, and the other holidays celebrated this time of year.

Q: Great. And how did that chat grow into Chocolate Oranges?

A: Two of my friends there said they’d NEVER had a Chocolate Orange OR a orange chocolate stick. I wanted to get some for them…and one of my friends there bought a ton of artificial dye-free candy canes I told her about and she said she would share those when they arrived. So I kind of wanted to return the favor.

Q: Okay. Thanks! How did you start your buyer’s journey?

A: First of all, I looked at Bing because my smartphone’s browser, Android OS, defaults to that. I’m not sure why. Anyway, Bing provides online-only results. So I went to Google Shopping — which said Chocolate Oranges were at Amazon, Target…uh, Walmart was out of stock (near me), World Market (near me). Target and World Market did — then I checked their websites to validate. Chevy Chase Target had 5. Rockville Target probably had 1 or two; Google Shopping didn’t say how many were in the inventory but it did have the product ID number for the Target guy who helped me. They were sold out when I go there. Someone got it right before me because the Target guy who helped me find the right shelf on the right aisle showed their was a chocolate orange in the inventory.

Q: So it was a total bust?

A: It wasn’t a total bust because I got a couple things I needed — birthday present for my sister, Christmas gifts for my other sister and her daughter.

Q: Okay, and so you ended up buying them at World Market?

A: No. There were ZERO parking spaces in the parking lot and I didn’t have time to park far away, then walk back to the store, then buy a minimum of 12 Chocolate Oranges for at least $30. I had to pick up my little girl from preschool.

Q: That makes sense. What was it that led you to search only online?

A: Oh, I looked for the Chocolate Oranges at Safeway when I was there this morning, buying 30 eggs along with the over-kneaded whole wheat pizza dough from their deli. I prepared it for dinner according to the recipe on the package and one of the pizzas was burned so badly, we had to through it away. Ergh…

Q: Wow. That seems like a LOT of eggs.

A: We go through three dozen eggs in a week and a half, at the most, two weeks. Aldi’s only let’s you buy three dozen, each visit, and I buy that amount every time I go there. They’re still pretty cheap. Funny thing is — I asked my husband to buy some of those yesterday when he was at Safeway. He forgot, so I bought some this morning…and then he bought a crate on his way home from work. Ha!

Q: That’s classic! Did you look anywhere other than Bing, Google Shopping, and Safeway then?

A: I also went to a bookstore called This is the Place because my husband said they had some of those types of chocolate when he was there earlier this week.

Q: Great. What happened after that?

A: That night the candy canes arrived at my friend’s house. She shared some with me and we started talking about the chocolate oranges and orange chocolate sticks. She said she doesn’t really like that kind of chocolate. So there never really was any need for me stress out about buying them. Ha, ha!

Q: Great! And, um, where do door hinges fit in this story?

A: Well if you’re baking pizza with Safeway’s overly-kneaded dough and you put sausage on it, the Beagle your babysitting will want to try some of that. Then if you put that Beagle in a bedroom, the door hinges need to be securely fastened or he’ll be able or determined enough to push his way through so the closed door opens. Also, door hinges kind of rhymes with oranges, at least according to Eminem’s 1999 song called Brain Damage.

Q: Okay. Thanks for sharing your story! Here’s your Amazon gift card/


HOMEMAIDE helps you sell your style and buy the things that make you smile, seamlessly.

Any item you pass in your daily routine (say for example an artificial color-free or dye-free candy cane,a Chocolate Orange, Orange chocolate sticks, or a ski pass, stay at a ski resort, or PVC pipe for plumbing repairs) — ALL you have to do is upload a picture or paused video screenshot of that to your existing social media sites and Homemaide will send you a commission for every purchase your friends make.

AND — they don’t have to buy a luxury car for you to earn a commission (but if they do, YOU will earn a commission from Homemaide on those larger purchases(!!!). Reach out to us today to learn more about how YOU can empower your shoppers to buy what they want, when they want, on their terms.


  • Homemaide sounds amazing!!! When will it be available as an App?

    Ellie James
  • Homemaide sounds amazing!!! When will it be available as an App?

    Ellie James

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