Jun 18, 2019 · 3 min read
First, of birdhouses…

Are birdhouses sometimes like the products we provide and promote?

Sometimes we get clients that we might not anticipate.

My best guess is this is a message the squirrels wanted to send me, though I don’t remember ever intentionally getting on their bad sad. Before they visited this bird house and literally tore it a new hole, they stuck to the trees.

So then we tried another bird house, only to get the same result, this time with the plastic back part of the house thrown to the ground. I placed it back in the house only for the picture to make more sense.

After this attempt, a third attempt was made with different bird houses and two heavy bricks holding them in place. (Yes, one brick was insufficent adn had to be reinforced.)

From the looks of this, the squirrels aren’t really being deterred, only slowed down, momentarily.

With products and services, sometimes it’s all too easy to try and streamline transactions and customer service the same way these bird houses haven’t really provided the squirrels or the birds with what they want.

This leads us to my latest attempt — behold: The Metal Birdhouse:

I know. I know.

Are those teeth and claw marks on the metal and on the plastic cups that have been pulled out of the metal?

Yes, but…this bird house has lasted longer than all of the others so far. So I remain optimistic.

To say nothing of the feature just south of the birdhouse, the infamous tire swing of Project Management:

Now, of Bullion (GOLD) — the bottom line:

If you have stories like these, and you upload pictures like these, Homemaide helps your friends buy the items in your pictures that they love and YOU receive a commission from each one of their purchases!

In this case, let’s say your friends saw your pictures and bought: pet squirrels ($100, Etsy), stuffed squirrel toys ($32), a birdhouse ($30), birdseed ($20), squirrel food ($25), tree seedlings/saplings ($30), grass, plants, flowers, cement from the sidewalk in your picture, the bench swing, porch swing, hammock, trampoline, swingset, etc. from your picture. YOU earn the GOLD of a commission each time one of your friends buys one item from the pictures you are already in the habit of uploading to yoru existing social media accounts!

That’s the magic of Homemaide!

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