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Jan 9 · 4 min read
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Q: Thanks for meeting with me. What can you tell me about bags?

A: Well my husband calls me a bag lady, as a joke or a gag but the County I live in has a rule about bags. $0.05 per bag. I was at the thrift store — Unique and I saw a bag of bags, like reusable grocery bags. I get them from time to time from AC Moore (acquired by Michael’s) and Shoppers both of which are closing their stores closest to me…and I also get bags from my sister who leaves them at my house — when she kindly brings clothes over for my kids, that her kids have out-grown.

Q: Do you ever buy those durable Trader Joe’s or Victoria’s Secret bags?

A: A couple times with Trader Joe’s but not Victoria’s Secret. I don’t spend that much time in the mall, so…

Q: OK. That sounds good. Does your husband do what you do?

A: Uh, no. He gets plastic bags all the times.

Q: What do you think about that?

A: It sucks. Takes up too much space in my kitchen. I mean, they have their place if you have a dog or a potty-training kid but after that, there’s not much use for them.

Q: What do you guys use them for?

A: Not really anything anymore.

Q: And your purse? That’s a type of bag.

A: My husband gave it to me because other purses I’ve had last like 5 or 6 months before their torn up, falling apart, loosing their zippers, and all that. This one is nice and durable. It’s not like pretty or the latest style but it’s really durable and it’s leather. The Rocky Mountain girl in me just likes things that are hardy, like shoes and stews.

Q: How is that a gag?

A: It’s made me gag, more than once. Sometimes people (my husband) clear the table and put food in a grocery bag. So we have zip-lock bags that we can put food in, because it’s important to be able to see the food we put in the fridge or the freezer.

Q: Who does this — the putting food in a grocery bag, and then putting it in the fridge?

A: My husband…my Mom does also. It’s not like I’m every out of Ziploc bags and stuff. Our kids are taking their own lunch and they need their own sandwich-sized bags. I mean I try to make it so we have plenty of reusable containers. They just get destroyed too often or the lid gets ripped or bent or melted in the dishwasher.

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