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Q: Thanks for sharing your experience with me! What was the thing that started your most recent buyer’s journey?

A: My husband and I finished our basement apartment and rented it but then we had to replace one of the columns that was under the upstairs bathroom and even after we painted the new one, it needs a column wrap like the kind you see on the Wayfair or HomeStratosphere or HomeDepot websites.

Q: Sounds good. And was it your idea or your husband’s idea to buy a column wrap?

A: It was his idea but I didn’t like any of the types of column wraps he wanted to buy — they were the cheapest available products, so….

Q: Okay. So which column wraps did you pick? I think there are some that are like faux stone, shaped like rectangles and you clip it together.

A: We did look at those but we ended up buying two because there’s another column, it’s like a support beam by the dining room wall. We ended up installing these beautiful white ones

Q: Great! How did that end up working out?

A: I didn’t want the rectangular-shpaed pole wraps because that’s just not the style for the interior apartment we have, so we bought these white ones. The tricky part wasn’t really the installation but we had to have the white circular column pole wrap cut to size, since the cieling of our apartment is maybe 7 feet and the shortest piece they sell is 8 feet.

Q: Okay. Thanks. And what made you end up buying the product you did, from the retailer you did?

A: A company called polewrap.com had the procduct we needed — a circular column pole wrap but they didn’t have it in the color we needed, which was white. After cutting the wrap we did buy to the right size, I didn’t really want to have to paint it, because then you have to make sure you get the correct primer, then the next layer seals it.

Q: That sounds reasonable. When you ordered it from HomeDepot.com did you hire one of their subcontractors to install it?

A: No.

Q: Why not?

A: I don’t know — we are kind of handy and whenever your car needs repairs or your house needs to be fixed up, where you really loose money is in the labor costs. I mean, it probably would have cost us another couple hundred dollars to have it installed….and our apartment, in theory only, might not be 100% up to date on all of the County’s codes, so we’d rather not have too many contractors in there.

Q: Just in theory though.

A: Yep. Totally.

Q: Did any of your friends comment on it? I mena, if you shared photos on social media?

A: They did! I was surprised but I guess where we live there are a lot of columns in basements that people aren’t sure what to do with — you don’t want kids playing down there and accidentally getting hurt, ya know?

Q: Definitely. What would you think if your friends who loved your pole wrap project bought the same product you bought?

A: Sure. That’d be cool.

Q: What if you recieved a commission from their purchase?

A: I’d like that. It might help me save a little more or spend a little more on Christmas presents…or spend a little more working on my slalom.

Q: I didn’t know you skied. Where do you go?

A: Park City, Utah and Aspen or Vail, CO

Q: Not a fan of crashing in the New England snow?

A: It’s fun the first 50 times but when you fall once and are injured for the rest of your trip, it makes you question if it was worth the money.

Q: Great! Thanks for meeting with me. Here’s your free Amazon gift card.

Sid the Sloth doing slalom from the original Ice Age film

My Arms are Broken by Tim Hawkins (a parody of With Arms Wide Open by Creed)

I remember when — Not long ago

My friends took me — To ski in the snow

I got of the lift — And I grabbed my poles

Then I tumbled down — The next thing I know

My arms were broken — And my legs were too

Well I had no hope — On a black diamond slope

My arms were broken — I can’t forget that day

Well I should have chilled — And took the bunny hill

My arms are broken


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  • this sounds interesting and I love skiing but is there a video of this interview?

  • this sounds interesting and I love skiing but is there a video of this interview?


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